Cassiopeia - Ezra Blaize

Words buzz over the carcass
that is your life. Confide in me,
Bright Eyes. How have you been
wronged? Whiskey over fist, I

imagine. You have no furniture
to drag into his life. Three weeks,

and a half-shared bed, and a few
nights out here and there. So tell

me how you have been wronged.
While your doubt spills across
our honest table, don't mind the
mirror I've caught. It is my own

lover, spread out like confessions
on record wax. I see her Powder
Blues wet as stone. I see myself,
turned aft, grasping for inanition.

Ezra Blaize is an avid writer who completed his undergraduate work in English and Education at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. He is currently finishing his M.S. in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at UW-Madison.