"The Zorse" - Hannah Filipiak

Apricot-flowered girl
Basking in showered praise
Controlled by her never-ending
Desire for
Forever fabricated by
Hot for power and
Iced to emotions
Jumping through hoops
Kicking down walls
Left by the scars that
Neat spaces within an
Open person’s heart
Played by
Quantity vs. quality
Rights vs. wrongs
Slighted by
Truth too hard to swallow
Wronging a generation where
“X” marks the spot and
You meet a
Zebra, trying to be just another horse

Hannah Filipiak is a junior majoring in English Literature and African Studies! She dreams of living and learning in East or South Africa. She loves soccer and singing to anything on the radio. Her passion lies with non-profits making a difference through sustainable solutions and discovering the brilliance of poetry in other countries.