Walk Wounded - John McCracken

Had that piece of glass always been there?
Did I always go this way back home?
Did we always drink that much?
Why do I always forget my shoes when I leave?
Is my cut going to get worse?
Did I need to go to a hospital?
Where is the closest hospital?
Where is my house?
Is this the right street?
How could he get so much beer at his age?
What was he going to tell me?
Why did he have a secret?
Had he always had secrets?
Would I go to work in the morning?
Would he talk to me again?
Why did he stop the conversation?
Was it something I said?
Could I even talk after drinking?
Has there always been a street here?
How long had we been friends?
Has he always wanted to?
Was he safe?
Was I safe?
How long had this sidewalk been closed?
Am I bad at it?
Would he tell our friends?
Did I puke?
Did he smile?
Why was the porchlight on?
Did I forget to get the mail?
Was it going to rain?
Had my hair been wet before the rain?
Was he honest?
Was this who we are?
Did he really want this?
Will the water help my foot?
Was this what we were becoming?
What can I wash this down with?
Would my wound close?
What did he think of my body?
Was it different from when we were young?
Why didn’t he look happy with me?
Why did he tell me to leave?
Why did I have no secrets?
Why did I leave alone?
Why did I leave?

John is a sophomore in creative writing. He enjoys writing and hopes you do too. He lives in Wisconsin and it’s cold, but the coffee is warm.