sol(us) - Brian Edwards

I am an explosion,
light pouring from tungsten ashes,
deep into the cracks of asphalt, squealing
car tires heave across my chest
(rolling, rolling, rolling)

I am an acidic wind,
poplars weakening against the front,
limbs outstretched and grasping, dusk
settling into furious whisper
(hush, hush, hush)

I am an aberration,
stark angles jutting with malevolence,
bricks smote with phosphor, electric
torrents bleeding from meshed fingertips
(drip, drip, drip)

I am an artwork,
blinding pigments flowing into earth,
flowering into paracosm, roots
twined ‘round the body
(speak, speak, speak)

I am awake,
pronouncing every syllable slowly,
breathing in oceans, synaptic
palpitation christening me
(live, live, live)