"so if you walked around with one eye open it could either be a really great day or a really horrible day" - Jessica Erbs

She met a boy once, down by the docks. At first, she had trouble understanding what she found so odd about him. What made her scuff her heels against the faded planks and fiddle with the lint her jean pockets. But then she realized.

It was his eyes. They were two different colors. One a dull silver dollar. The other a spill of bright burnished mercury. She asked him about them, why they were like that, and he told her that he could see all the good of the world out the dull one, all the evil out the bright one.

She paused for a moment, after hearing this. Scuffed her heels against the planks. What, she asked him, was it like, living like that?

When both eyes are open, he answered after a pause, no different than it is for anyone else.