"The Painted" - Alexandra Clark

If you staple the canvas to your frame, you will see a pure crème. It will be blank as the flyleaf of a book. The crème in itself is beautiful, but if you have potential, you can create something gorgeous. Your own world, if you please. First however, you have to create and cultivate an idea. Next is the act of dipping a brush into the oil base and the nerve-racking moment of the slightest touch of the brushe’s feathers onto the hide. Just imagine! Do not be anxious.

You can get lost in the turpentine smell and the oils on your fingers. In fact, it would be suggested to immerse yourself in your work of art. Become your own Monet and be as inventive as Picasso. Study Renoir, but do not imitate. Create a new inception, for it is a chance to escape from reality and brush your imaginings across a page.

My dreams are vibrant because I dripped gold into blue and created a palace of thoughts. I allowed myself to enter a dimension that only I recognize. My imagination is wild because I let my fears run rampant on the canvas. My discovery is that I have both painted my reality in pastels and I have added deep contrast to make my ideas come alive. Through art, I have rejuvenated and reinvigorated myself.

My brush swims across the canvas and I create a wishing well. All of the orange and white fishes swim there, and I lift them out of the well and kiss them for good luck. I thank the canvas for taking me away from earth so that I can think for a while. I whisper to the fishes and flatter them and tell them I talk to them because they are handsome. They entertain my thoughts and give me ideas to take back to the real world. They paint in my head helpful ideas, for these fish are very intellectual and generous. They tell me to appreciate the real world too, because without the real world there would be no dream world. Sometimes, the grandfather of all the catfish smoothes his whiskers aside and offers words of wisdom. He shares advice on how to provide my skill for the real world, and how to make any person joyful. Carefully, I make sure that I wrap our conversation in a knapsack, so I can take the ideas back to the non-painted world and I can apply them.

I hope you learn to truly paint too, because then you can get lost in a maze of your own dimensions. And an alternate reality is so relaxing! It refreshes the mind and, more importantly, the soul. The roadblocks that I encounter are solved in my painted reality. I just paint a new scene with new answers. I engineer new ways to improve the non-painted world, whether it is a simple smile or a lovely and intricate flower. I would glaze over my wishing well again. I still do. In a world filled with depression, loneliness, scamming, and disrespect, the painted reality is a nice escape.

I only know one thing about the real world: it is in need of oil colors. This is because for each day that I do not paint, I grow old and am out of my element. And when my canvas runs out I will grow weary and be forced to accept this non-painted world we live in. So now, it is time to paint our world. Now it is time to start. We can paint together. I am sorry to not offer advice to you on how to paint the world, because I am anxious and still young in thought. My brush has never glazed this way.

Alexandra’s passion for ice cream is overwhelming, and everyday Alexandra wakes up and appreciates that the best ice cream ever made is right here in Madison. She often finds it awesome that she lives on Babcock Drive. When she is not holding a waffle cone, you may find Alexandra either painting, nordic skiing, or writing.