NYC - Kiyoko Reidy

He mumbles something in Spanish and

steps on the backs of my sandals,

a stutter in my stride,

a drunken giggle slides through

his teeth

and I don’t suppose he

laughs much.

At the end of the concrete I can

hear his

beer-piss spattering into the

puddles beneath the

tracks as

he tells himself stories

about old girlfriends and other things he

never got to do.

Kiyoko Reidy has been writing since she wrote her first rhyming poem about cats at the age of six. She is finally pursuing her passion for writing with a creative writing major, and is extremely excited to meet people who don’t ask the question, “So, what are you going to do with that?” She is initially from Knoxville, Tennessee, and misses the Appalachian mountains but loves Wisconsin winters. She loves a good argument, baking, and being consistently caffeinated.