when we fell from the moon - Liana Kapelke-Dale

last night i dreamt we fell from the moon
pulled downwards by earth’s gravity

our hands curled tightly together
yours were locks and my fingers
the only keys that could open them

we hurtled silently toward the great circular blue
like divers into a deep yawning ocean
that had waited an eternity to embrace us

but when we finally hit the atmosphere
our bodies combusted in blue flame
breaking into particles of dust

the white flakes that were once
solid bone and resilient flesh

floated down to earth like snow
collecting on the ground
as though it were christmas morning

and the moon smiled at the sight of children
making angels that did not melt

Liana Kapelke-Dale is a poet and law student whose other interests include classic rock, vintage fashion, and Latin American travel. Her work has been seen most recently in journals such as Duende Literary Journal, Devilfish Review, Emerge Literary Journal, and you are here.