"The Church is Alive Tonight" — Stephanie Albrecht

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.”—Psalm 118:22

The ministry looms
atop the hill
buried deep below
these temple walls
a ceremonial masonry stone
a foundation-stone, a center.
And He, the
rotten core of His church, the
stone an old master builder
cast away from within Earth herself
and dejected hurled
into the hard graveled ground.
Scarlet spots upon the soil
young lambs sacrificed,
carcasses carved into the foundation-
rock, the spoiled blood drips
from the beating heart and
the veins of the church
pulse beneath these walls,
a heartbeat, a living structure,
an institution, an exoskeleton,
architectural stone
on sacred grounds children
of God, little boys lured
into shadows and crypts.
They said their prayers
as their bodies were used
in sacrifice.
And hymnals were hummed
And psalms sung
and a fallen, quiet reverie
envelopes the body, the physical
soul. As this temple
the solemn runic stone,
the mason’s rejection
continues to breathe
as the church waits and waits…

Stephanie Albrecht is a senior at UW-Madison in the undergraduate English: Creative Writing department. She is from Kenosha, Wisconsin, sings alto in the University Chorus and enjoys playing her clarinet. This is her second time being published on the UW Flash Fiction website.