"This Charming (Wo)Man" - Breanne Sommer

She never went home. There’s no need for boring, wasteful sleep in a city that is open to a nightlife lifestyle 24/7. Her hair and clothes a ragged mess: sexy in the “I don’t give a shit” edge, all too typical of her generation. However, Sylvie really thought she didn’t give a shit.

The smell of vibrating energy mixed with black peony perfume invades the nostrils of all the middle-aged men still drunkenly wasting themselves away on liters of cheap beer and intoxicating guitar licks. She casually, but decisively smolders into the café-bar—so justly named Café-Bar. It’s the small things, the simplicity that entices her on this hazy Sunday morning.

“Can I have a coffee?” she huskily purrs to the short, athletic bartender/barista that appeared to be plucked from a Smiths album.

It never mattered that she didn’t speak or understand a hint of German. People were compelled by her questioning commands—a paradox as perplexing as Berlin’s bar scene. She couldn’t imagine a place more like her.

Vie, as she is respectfully known in Berlin’s underground, plops herself and her black filtered coffee down on the saggy couch facing the sun.

“I always knew I was a cat,” she mused to herself as she stretched out her body to soak in the most of the suns rays. She lit a cigarette and watched the smoke rings haze her vision above her horizontal body.

She was alone. Surrounded by the lazy, yet exhilarating nightlife energy at 10:00 a.m. This is the space, the scene, the subculture, into which she can completely dissolve.

“Alone with my thoughts, a coffee, a cigarette, and the sun.”

That’s how she liked it.

Sylvie sits. Forever faking calm in a cloud of chaos.

Breanne heard the Smiths-This Charming Man, and saw middle-aged men still drinking from the night before at a cafe she stumbled into in Berlin with a friend. This is what resulted. She wants to capture moments of feelings and conflict and somehow translate them into words. It’s a constant struggle. But she’s taking the advice of an old Professor- the themes one struggles with are usually the ones most necessary and worth exploring in your life.