American Weekend - Buchanan Cooley

Today I discovered
Today I learned

Today I took time for myself
Pioneering my
rare mental capacity to be
a complete bum
for a complete day
for a complete audience of none
for a completely self-concocted and non-refundable reason:

I was exhausted

----------from yesterday

------------------and the day before

--------------------------------and the day before

Buchanan is a freshman who loved creative writing in high school, and looks to continue using it as a form of expression, whether it be for academic purposes or purely for personal enjoyment. He is a lifelong Wisconsinite, and have been a “jock” for most of his life, all the while softly growing his passion for many forms of art, most notably music and poetry. He is ecstatic about being a student here in Madison, and looks forward to discovering who the next “him” will turn out to be, hopefully by utilizing all of the awesome opportunities available (like submitting poetry to a journal)!